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Explore our ever-expanding collection of live classes, solutions and customized resources to improve your organizations communication and productivity. 

Communication skills from the perspective of true operators that result in real impact. Whether product, engineering, go-to-market, sales, design, learning & development, operations, and more…we’ve done it all.  You get all this rolled into one versus multiple costly hires.

Communicating with stakeholders
Effective presentations & storytelling
Slide design made simple

Design principles

Learn about foundational design principles and why they are required in all slide decks.


Enhance clarity, engagement, and professionalism, ensuring consistent design across all slide presentations.


How do we achieve this goal?

Participants are provided context and key considerations for creating well-designed slides, along with a relatable example for practice.


What topics will be covered?

  • Balance - symmetrical vs. asymmetrical balance in slides

  • Contrast - using varying colors, sizes, and fonts

  • Alignment - arrange text & images to create structure

  • Repetition - Consistent use of fonts, colors, and styles

  • Proximity - Organizing content on a slide to show connections


How will participants practice these skills?

Participants will be presented a poorly designed slide and discuss its flaws based on the principles covered. Facilitators will guide participants through self-discovery, reflection, and use a redesigned slide to discuss improvements.


Storytelling Structure


Participants are able to craft and deliver compelling narratives that effectively communicate their ideas, engage their audience, and drive business outcomes.

How do we achieve this goal?

We will teach participants about the components of a story, how to use storytelling in daily operations, and practice with real-life scenarios.

What topics will be covered?

  • Why does storytelling matter?

  • The structure of a story

  • Common plot lines for (business) stories

How will participants practice these skills?

Participants will come prepared to class with a list of 2-3 key projects along with a list of common terms, processes, or initiatives that they frequently need to explain within their roles. Based on our storytelling structure and learnings, participants will work on drafting stories for their projects as well as explore ways to explain aspects of their roles in a way that would bring any type of audience along for the journey.  

Step 1

Let's have a chat

We begin with a personalized discovery call to thoroughly understand your needs, goals, and objectives. 

Step 2


We'll send you a personalized document outlining a customized learning program. 


Establish communication standards

We set the rules of engagement for how your employees communicate to promote consistency & transparency (meeting norms, sharing updates & goals, decision-making, when to use messaging or email, and more).


Custom workshops

We teach employees the skills they need to help solve your organization’s most pressing challenges via live, hands-on workshops customized for your company (storytelling, influencing, facilitating meetings, designing slides, and more).

Be a human
Communicate with
clarity & connection
Be a creative
Build thoughtfully
designed slides
Be a storyteller
Turn anything
into a story
Class details
Be a leader
Present with
confidence & impact
Class details

On-call communication consulting

We are here to support you for any challenges that come your way, because let’s face it, they’re typically communication related. Whether slide deck templates, project support, coaching, meeting clean-up, crafting messaging, and more - we got you.


Team building experiences

We create event experiences and peer learning programs that promote creativity and ultimately help develop greater trust, genuine connection, and lasting impact within your workplace community.

Let's be jovial, be creative, and connect with other humans trying to do cool things.

Design slide deck templates

Slide presentation often contain too much information, lack engaging visuals, use outdated design elements, or lack uniformity in design, branding, and messaging.

As a result, decks fail to effectively communicate key messages or address the needs and expectations of your audiences.

We work with you to design and customizing slide deck templates that reflect the company's brand and messaging, ensuring consistency and user-friendliness.



We support your company by optimizing agendas, improving time management, and enhancing communication for more productive and efficient meetings.



Insert summary here

1:1 or Team

Insert summary here



Our live courses are designed with..

  • How to facilitate meetings

  • The art of writing emails

  • How to explain things simply

  • Communicating on the right level

  • Turn anything into a story

  • How to do Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

  • Effective slide design

  • Choose the right communication approach

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Jovial Services

To be an effective team, you need effective communicators. You want collaborative, high performing, motivated teams that navigate quickly to reach company goals. Let us help.

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The challenge

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Our solutions


Meeting calculator

Communication is hard

Communication is challenging regardless of company size, and as organizations begin to scale, the near and long term repercussions grow exponentially if communication practices are not well established.

Wasted time
Lack of trust
Loss of customers
Poor customer experiences
Burnout, stress & frustration
Low employee retention

Poor communication is costly



estimated annual cost of ineffective communication in the US alone



of executives & employees believe ineffective communication is the main reason for workplace failures​



of respondents say that firm-wide training would significantly improve workplace communication

The costs associated with ineffective communication are astronomical. 
Collaborate with Jovial and see for yourself how investing in your employees' communication skills will result in impactful, long-lasting benefits.

Our solutions

Class packages

Interested in providing an option for your employees to further develop their communication skills? Take a look at our class offerings, and we will work with you to organize and schedule classes exclusively for your organization.

We’ll work with you to better understand your organization’s specific challenges and propose options that align with your needs and budget.


Contact us to set up a call to learn more!


Example ways to collaborate


Team Building

Our courses are highly engaging and are perfect for any in-person or virtual events at your organization.

Team off & on-sites

Company kickoffs

Quarterly business planning


Career Development

Integrate Jovial into your ongoing career development program to ensure all employees are aligned on communication best practices.

Employee onboarding

Company wide training

Leadership development

Education Reimbursement

Have an education reimbursement program for employees? Include us as a recommended provider in your internal documentation for those looking to improve their communication. We can work with you to organize sessions exclusive to your employees.


Meeting Calculator

We pay how much for 30 minutes?!

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